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By Mike, March 6, 2017 News, Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s Pro Controller is semi transparent, you can kind of see inside of the controller itself. You would think this would be easier to see but it’s not and its kind of cool this special message is in… Read More »

By Mike, February 23, 2017 News, Switch

If you don’t own it already, Square Enix announced today that, I Am Setsuna will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, which is release day! This is great that we already have a Square Enix game ready… Read More »

By Mike, February 23, 2017 News, Switch

Since Nintendo has been so quiet about a lot of Nintendo Switch details a lot of us have been guessing this would be the case. Well our guessing can stop because now it’s official: the Virtual Console will not go live when… Read More »

By Mike, February 21, 2017 News, Switch

If you haven’t done this yet, you can now claim your unique Nintendo Account User ID for the Switch. Users who already have Nintendo Accounts may not yet have Nintendo Account User IDs, which is kind of hidden in your… Read More »