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By Lukas Termini, May 21, 2015 ,

Hey, who put an arcade game in my Wii U?

By Holly Fellmeth, May 19, 2015 ,

Some additions to the acclaimed gameplay introduced in Pushmo may not sit well with everyone, and the poor execution of community sharing doesn’t help either.

By Holly Fellmeth, May 18, 2015 Podcast

Hey Nintendo fans; welcome to episode 12 of the NintendoFever Podcast! This week, Matt and I introduce a new segment to the podcast based around our weekly pick-ups. We don’t have a catchy name for this yet, so if you… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, May 13, 2015 E3

Nintendo’s general plans for E3 2015 are out in the open, thanks to another quirky video from the company. We’ll be getting another “Digital Event” this year, which will once again take the place of a live press conference (not… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, May 13, 2015 ,

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest is a true platforming classic.

By Ryan Shiflett, May 12, 2015 Editorial, Parodies

Ballad of Affordable Space Adventure in the style of the Gilligan’s Island Theme Song Just sit right back And you’ll play a game A game in a Small Craft ship, That’s provided by Uexplore, KnapNok Games and Nifflas.   You can… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, May 11, 2015 Podcast

Welcome to a fashionably late episode of the NintendoFever Podcast! Matt Desind and myself, Holly Fellmeth, found plenty to discuss in episode 11, thanks to the recent Splatoon Global Testfire event and the prospect of Nintendo theme park rides at… Read More »

By Lukas Termini, May 10, 2015 Editorial, Wii U

(I don’t know how to use psi. I AM more adorable than Lucas though.) Hi there, everyone! My name is Lukas Termini, and as of today I’m offically joining the staff here on NintendoFever! After meditating on the subject with… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, May 7, 2015 News, Wii U

Nintendo surprised fans this morning with an impromptu Nintendo Direct that’s all about Splatoon, which releases for Wii U May 29. The Direct is just over 30 minutes and takes an in-depth look at details, many of which we were… Read More »

By Holly Fellmeth, May 7, 2015 News

A dream of many Nintendo fans’ is finally coming to fruition. Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts have partnered to bring attractions based on “Nintendo’s most famous characters and games” to one or more Universal theme park. Neither company has… Read More »